This is a site that will list all badges and challenges from Garmin Connect which is the tool for tracking, analyzing and sharing health and fitness activities recorded by your paired Garmin device.
Main page -
Will list all known badges. There are several filters that can be used to filter the badges so you see what you want to see. Users can upload their badge data and you can see the progress for a certain user by filtering by username.
Click the badge you are interested in and you will get a popup with detailed info about that badge with description and any requirements like country or time when it is available.
Challenges - Click the link "My Challenges" while you are viewing a user.
It will list all challenges that user has joined and the current progress from when the user updated the data.
Add/update your data - Add your badges
To get your own pages with your badges and challenges you must add your data to the site.
There are two methods of doing that.
1. The preferred way is to use the Chrome Browser plugin (Also works on Android in Kiwi Browser).
2. The alternative way is to enter your Garmin Connect credentials here and then let the site fetch the data. If you've activated two factor authentication this method can't be used.
Several badges have a requirement on the location. For example: Golden Week is a Japanese holiday and to be awared those badges you must change the country to Japan, Thanksgiving is a holiday in United States and therefore you must change the country to United States.
You change the setting in your Garmin account (not in Garmin Connect). Click this link or the link in the top menu.
Note! Changing Country may prevent Pairing a Device in Garmin Connect. Each Country can have different models and the app is set up to only look for those models. Remember to change back to your home country after you've got the badges.
Yes! If you did the required activity on the correct date but forgot to change the country before the activity you can get the badge afterwards. Change the country to the required one. Go to your activity and do a slight change. For example edit the name and save.
This trick can also be used for new badges that are added. If you have old activities that meet the requirements you can just do an edit and be awarded.
All activities must be logged with a Garmin device. Manually created activities and imported from 3rd party services like Zwift do not count.
Read the description for the badge/challenge carefully. You must log the activities with the correct activity type or change to that type in Garmin Connect.
Check the country setting and then do a slight edit of our activity and see if that fixes it.
If that doesn't work you can go to Garmin Forums and discuss it.
The last resort is to contact Garmin support and ask them.
For each badge you are awarded you get a set number of point: 1, 2, 4 or 8 points depending on the number of points Garmin has set for the badge. When you collected a number of points you will reach a new level. The levels are only used for comparing your progress with other users.
How long time will it take to reach level 10?
If you take all badges and challenges every month you will get about 250 points per year. To reach level 10 it will then take about 41 years. If you take the Challenge Champ badge 250 times you will get another 500 points which will shave 2 years of the 41 so in about 39 years you can be level 10. That is not impossible, but level 10 is for the dedicated. If you add a bunch or marathons and ultras to that it will go even faster.
Level Points
1 0
2 20
3 60
4 140
5 300
6 620
7 1260
8 2540
9 5100
10 10220
I'm thankful for all the help I can get. Send me an email.
I use MantisBT as bug tracker for my development of this web page. Check it out. You can see what I've planned for the future and what I'm working on. If you register an account you can add defects and feature requests.
First of all: This web page and I are not related to Garmin in any other way than that I use Garmin Devices to log my training at Garmin Connect.
Check my training at Garmin Connect:
One of my primary drives for training is competitions and awards. I started to take the badges at Garmin Connect. After a while I saw a badge that I hadn't seen before in another user's account and started to wonder how that worked. Since I'm also a programmer I began to investigate the code and found lots of badges that were hidden. I then created this web page to keep track of them all. I usually do everything in public to force me to do better implementations and that is why I let you be a part of this and I get a lot of help from you by sending me emails with new info.
Send me an email with the username and email address you used when you added your badges.
All your data will also be deleted automatically after 3 months if you don't update your badges.