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Users per badge

Count Badge Name
273Double Duty
273Getting Started
271Weigh In
271Heating Up
270Personal World Record
267On Fire
267Like to Like
265First Gear
264I've Got Connections
261Beat Yesterday
2603-Day Goal Getter
260Well Rested
257Shoot for the Stars
256High Intensity
256Intense 100
256Stepping Up 15K
255Intense 150
2545K Run
253Early Riser
252Thanks for Sharing
250Saddle Up
250Join the Movement
247Let's Get Physical
247Intense 200
246Stepping Up 20K
241Welcome to the Party
241Well-Oiled Machine
2387-Day Goal Getter
237I am the Night
23110K Run
230Planning Ahead
2275-Mile Ride
222Stepping Up 25K
22110-Mile Ride
220Challenge Accepted
219Highly Improving
218Walk the Walk
215Intense 300
209Goodbye Old Friend
209Strong Start
206Finish Strong
20320-Mile Ride
200Garmin Fan
198Trick or Treat
196Stepping Up 30K
196Climber 1
194It's Time to Let Go
189Challenge Champ
179Walk the Walk 2
17830-Day Goal Getter
165Climber 2
161Take the Leap
15560-Day Goal Getter
155Half Marathon
150Members Only
150Be My Valentine
150Deep Breathing
146Shred the Gnar
144Walk the Walk 3
144Year of the Rat
141Chinese New Year's Eve
140Share the Scare
136Global Running Day 2020
135Climber 3
129Stepping Up 40K
126On the Rocks
12350-Mile Ride
11910K a Day Challenge
118Just Keep Swimming
117Weekend Walking
115Year of the Pig
114August Step Month
113August Step Week
113Super Strength
111Treadmill Mile
108September Step Month
103Weekend 10K
102Fortnight 150K
100Treadmill 5K
99July Weekend Walking
99Share the Love
96Indoor 10-Mile Ride
96September Weekend Walking
95Halloween Running
95October Step Month
94September Step Weekend
93Global Running Day 2019
90Zen Master
89September 16 Hours of Walking
86Halloween Walking
86October Rundown
86Stepping Up 50K
86December Weekend 5K
86Indoor 20-Mile Ride
85Lucky 13 Walking
85November Weekend Walking
83September Weekend 5k
82July Weekend 10K
82November Step Month
82July Fortnight 150K
81Deep Breathing 2
81Super Strength 2
81Make Up Your Mind
81November Weekend 10K
80September Rundown
79Treadmill 10K
79August Weekend 10K
75November Rundown
7312 Days of Fitness Walking
73Lucky 13 Cycling
73Walk the Walk 4
72August Rundown
72Weekend 40K
72Take the Work Out of Work
70Lucky 13 Running
69Under a Full Moon
68August Weekend 40K
67Trick or Treat
67Ride to 100
67December Walking
66Mt. Fuji
66Indoor 50K Ride
65December Rundown
6512 Days of Fitness Running
65Zen Master 2
64September Ride to 200
63December Step Month
63Loy Krathong
62Major Miles
62Cherry Blossom
62Virtual Climb - The Narrows
62September 16 Hours of Cycling
61Trick or Treat
61Hangul Day
60Drop the Dumpling
60July Ride to 100
59Ride the Dragon
59Bird's Eye View
58Trick or Treat
58Halloween Cycling
58August Ride to 400
56November Joy Rides
55100-Mile Ride
54Be a Hero
53Super Strength 3
51July Major Miles
50Light Up the Night
50Virtual Climb - Druid Arch
49Across the Sky
49November Weekend 40K
48Australia Day 2020
48July Weekend 40K
47October Ride to 400
45Year of the Dog
45Virtual Climb - Mist Trail
44Deep Breathing 3
43Step into 2021
43December Joy Rides
42December Weekend 40K
41Indoor 50-Mile Ride
41Zen Master 3
39Garmin Blue Run Sub 1 2020
38Indoor 4-Hour Ride
38Virtual Climb - Angels Landing
38Garmin Ride In 2020 – 1 Hour
37Row the Boat
3712 Days of Fitness Cycling
35Garmin Blue Run 100K 2020
35Rocket Beans TV Half Marathon Challenge
34Walk the Walk 5
3250K Ultra
32January Weekend Walking
31Take a Deep Breath
31Deep Breathing 4
30Flying Squirrel
30Garmin Ride Out 2020 – 22 Miles
26Night Diver
24Yin and Yang
23Speedy Century
22Super Soaker
22Deep Breathing 5
21Garmin Ride Out 2020 – 52 Miles
19Zen Master 4
18Arctic Plunge
18New Kid on the Dock
18January Rundown
17Super Strength 4
17January Swim Week
17Treadmill 50
16Get Soaked
15Mix It Up
14Adding Oxygen
13High Ground
13Make a Splash
13Garmin Blue Run Sub1 2019
13January Ride to 200
12First Avenger
12Impressive. Most Impressive.
12January Step Month
12On Your Left
11Hone Your Strength
11Deeper with Helium
11Zen Master 5
11Beginning Diver
11Noble Warrior Hero
11No, You Move
11Try to Keep Up
10Feel the Force Flow
9Super Strength 5
9100K Ultra
9Light. Darkness. A Balance.
850-Mile Ultra
8Treadmill 100
6Garmin Marathon 10K 2019
6Passionate Diver
6Garmin Marathon 2018
6Cherry Blossom 5K 2019
6Bay to Breakers 2019
5Cherry Blossom 10 Mile 2019
5Run NYC
5January Weekend 5K
5Gatchina Half Marathon 10K 2019
4Gasparilla Distance Classic 8K 2019
4Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K 2019
4Obsessive Diver
4Garmin Marathon Malaysia 2019
4Garmin Marathon Half 2019
4Rule the Galaxy
4Garmin Marathon Full 2019
4SeaWheeze Half Marathon 2019
420km de Bruxelles/door Brussel 2019
4Broad Street Run 2019
4I Can Do This All Day
3KC Marathon Full 2018
3KC Marathon Half 2018
3KC Marathon 10K 2018
3Garmin Blue Run Sub5 2019
3Garmin Marathon Malaysia 2019
3Garmin Marathon Malaysia 2019
3Cape Town Cycle Tour 2020
3Gasparilla Distance Classic 15K 2019
3Gasparilla Distance Classic Half 2019
2KC Marathon 5K 2018
2DKHS 2018
2Garmin Run Indonesia 2019
2BXL TOUR Cyclo 2019
2Outessa White Mountains 2018
2Outessa Tahoe 2018
2Garmin Triathlon de Paris 2019
22021 Cycling - Stage 1
2KC Marathon 5K 2019
2RPI Tater Tot 2019
2Higher. Further. Faster.
22021 Walking - Stage 1
2CCC® 2019
1DK50 2018
1UTMB® 2019
1DK25 2018
1MCC® 2019
1DKXL 2019
1OCC® 2019
1DK200 2019
1KC Marathon Full 2019
1DK100 2019
1KC Marathon Half 2019
1DK50 2019
1KC Marathon 10K 2019
1WeFight 515 113
1DK25 2019
134th Saroma 100km Ultra Marathon
1WeFight 2020
1DKHS 2019
134th Saroma 100km Ultra Marathon
1Nothing’s Impossible
1Garmin Run Indonesia 2019
1Pony Express 120 Gravel Dash 2019
114th Shonan International Marathon (第14回 湘南国際マラソン)
1Pony Express Gravel Dash Short Course 2019
114th Shonan International Marathon (第14回 湘南国際マラソン)
1Leadville Trail 100 MTB 2019
1Garmin Marathon Malaysia 2019
12021 Running - Stage 1
1Leadville Trail 100 Run 2019
1DKXL 2018
1RPI Baked Potato 2019
1DK200 2018
1RPI French Fry 2019
1DK100 2018
1TDS® 2019